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PowerFLARM CORE - FLARM Collision Avoidance Device

PowerFLARM® CORE is a rugged PowerFLARM® solution for fixed installation with ADS-B/Transponder receiver. PowerFLARM Core is installed "hidden" behind the instrument panel or in the avionics compartment and passes PowerFLARM® traffic information to third party display systems. Many specialized display solutions are available, additionally nearly all leading Moving-Map Systems are capable of displaying PowerFLARM® Data.

PowerFLARM® Core can operate two independent FLARM® antennas (optional) and features amplified range. In contrast to normal FLARM®-systems it features enhanced range and better coverage. So it remains useful in fast aircraft and aircraft with metal fuselages.

In the Box:

  • PowerFLARM Core Basic Device (EU-Version)
  • FLARM®-Antenna 1m
  • GPS-Antenna 2m
  • Data-cable
  • Documentation
  • USB extension cable


Compatible to:

  • External Display Systems
  • Moving Map GPS Systems
  • iPad/Smartphone Apps via AIR Connect
  • GARMIN® Moving Maps with TIS Interface (optional)



  • length: 120mm (with connections 127mm)
  • width: 80mm (with mounting 100mm)
  • height: 42mm
  • weight: 220g

Original Minor Change Approval

This unit may be installed in powered aircraft. 
The corresponding EASA "Minor Change Approval" is available here: Minor change

Approved by

FLARM is approved by EASA for fixed installation in
certified aircraft. A Minor Change Approval (MCA) is
available. EASA supports FLARM as it significantly
decreases the risk of a mid-air collision between
participating aircraft.

Comparison tableClassic FlarmPOWER Flarm
Max Range3-5 km>10 km
High sensitivity FLARM receiver
Protection against mobile network interference (4G, LTE)
No. of independent and fully functional data ports12
ADS-B & Transponder diversity
Audio out (connection to headset or audio panel) -optional
Antenna diversity -optional

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