EASA PPL Training - Complete Kit (9 kníh)



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395,00 € / 359,09 € bez DPH


The complete PPL kit contains almost 1300 pages in a total of 9 volumes, giving you the most out of your PPL(A) study.


The complete PPL(A) kit combines 1300 pages in 9 volumes. Consisting of Air Law and Communications, Aircraft General Kowledge, Instrumentation, Flight Preparation, HPL, Meteorlogy, Navigation, Operational Procedures and Principles of Flight, this series will help you to wisk through your PPL(A) training. Always up to date, printed on demand and using QR codes to unlock additional content, this book presents the knowledge required for a PPL(A) step-by-step. ISBN 978-0-88487-000-5

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