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Jeppesen MOBILE Flitedeck VFR Slovensko

Jeppesen Mobile FD VFR SLOVAKIA s Aktualizáciou 14mesiacov



45,00 € / 37,50 € bez DPH

  • POKRYTIE: Slovensko so 14 mesačnou AKTUALIZÁCIOU

Mobile FliteDeck VFR coverage provides the same flexibility as our paper charts while simplifying cross-border navigation considerably.

Instead of having to contend with different formats or varying styles of information, Mobile FliteDeck VFR integrates the VFR+GPS chart series into one standardized vector. 

Elevate Your Flying with Mobile FliteDeck VFR - Now with Sound!

Our VFR aviation iPad app has been designed from the ground up by pilots, for pilots. We focused on your mobile flying needs by simplifying your workflow within one intuitive tablet interface. Our app now also includes a matrix-driven color overlay weather. From pre-flight through post-flight, you will be able to enjoy your VFR flying passion with greater ease and less work. 

The Only Mobile Application Designed Strictly for the VFR Pilot

Do one thing and do it right. That was our mandate when creating Mobile FliteDeck VFR. We know you have a lot of choices in the market, and it doesn’t take more than a few online clicks to find charting apps that promise to be everything to everyone. More isn’t always better. In fact, these apps often succeed only in providing an overwhelming amount of information frustratingly buried within screen after screen. With our app, finding information is quick and easy.

Less is More with Data-Driven Jeppesen VFR Charting Information

Instead of toggling between two different types of charts, our data-driven application provides both airport diagrams and VFR maps in one. So rather than flipping between an area chart and an airport diagram, you can simply zoom in over an airport and the detailed diagram will automatically appear. Jeppesen quality charts also mean high resolution images for more than 3000 airports. Other capabilities of Mobile FliteDeck VFR include:

  • NEW - Improved situational awareness with automatic audio warnings
  • Matrix-driven graphical color weather overlay in version 2.0
  • Automatic airspace warnings for controlled airspace ahead of you to avoid infringements
  • Track Vector showing the projected distance to a location in 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute increments
  • Access to airport and facilities directory
  • Moving map with ownship position
  • One button touch to locate the airport nearest you along your route of flight
  • Comprehensive route information at a glance
  • Text-based NOTAMS and TFRs for your route of flight
  • Graphical METARS
  • Aircraft default settings help you plan a flight faster
  • Filters to reduce chart clutter
  • Navigation log to calculate distance and flight time
  • Trip planning view with detailed flight plan information

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