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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (Single Install)

Mobile Flitedeck All Europe

Mobile FliteDeck – Europe IFR

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is a comprehensive, easy-to-use app based on the highest quality charting and aeronautical data available combined with flight-critical weather information and basic route planning. Intuitive functionality, data filtering, and a clear, uncluttered display maximizes navigation situational awareness that allows IFR pilots to focus on flying the aircraft. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck supports documents, IFR text, terminal charts, enroute data, weather and route planning. Available as a simple single install, Mobile FliteDeck is easy to download, activate and revise via any Internet connection.

What’s new in Mobile FliteDeck:
• Routes can now be directly imported from 'Rocket Route'.
• Plan and directly file an ATC IFR flight plan with 'Rocket
Route', and then import the filed and approved route into
your Mobile FliteDeck application.
• VFR Enroute Layer included.
• Improved Enroute Chart Depiction – now more
• The Help function significantly improved and extended.

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